I Want To Breathe

It’s funny how I only seem to blog after I come home from a support group meeting. Going to these meetings make you accountable for your actions. People have been going there for years after their surgeries, and me, being just 6 months out this Friday, I don’t want to keep showing up to these […]

Post Op Visit with my PCP.

Today I saw my PCP. I love this guy. He is super awesome. When I moved to this area in November of 2013, I was still seeing my PCP back home and it was close to an hour and a half (give or take) to get to his office. I bit the bullet and looked […]

Oops! A Quick Update!

I did see my surgeon on Friday morning and my incision is NOT infected. None of them are. The scabs look the way that they do because it’s my body’s way of making its own band-aid! So that was good news. Oh and even better news — I lost 3.5 more pounds since Tuesday. New […]