Onto Stage 2!

Yesterday I had my one week post op visit at my surgeon’s office. The surgeon who performed my surgery is on vacation so I went to see one of his associates. I couldn’t wait to be taken back and hop on that scale. Never before have I had those thoughts!!

The day I was discharged from the hospital, I weighed myself on one of their scales. I was 360. Okay, no biggie. To me it was just informative. I JUST had the surgery 2 days prior so it wasn’t like the weight was going to melt away in 2 days. I just wanted to see what my current weight was. My surgeon’s office goes on what you weighed at the last visit. For me, I go on what my weight was on my very first visit in the office, when I had my initial consultation. On May 12, 2015 I was 381. Yesterday, when I stepped on, I was 348.

Usually the surgeon will ask that you lose a certain amount of weight before your surgery. This makes it safer for you and the surgeon. I get it. Plus, I think they want to make sure you’re totally committed. Yes I got to go to one of my favorite sushi/seafood buffets, and I was also taken out by my boyfriend at the time to a Brazilian Steakhouse. So while I am still able to go back to my sushi/seafood place, I at least crossed the Brazilian Steakhouse off of my bucket list. And man, that place was awesome. So while I did not lose the 30-40lbs as my surgeon asked me to, he still did the surgery.

Two weeks prior to surgery most docs put you on a special diet. Two out of the three meals a day are a protein shake made with 8oz of water, skim milk, 1% milk, or even unsweetened almond milk (which I didn’t even touch because of there only being 1g of protein). Then for a third meal they want you to eat sensibly. I usually did the shakes for breakfast or dinner. I found it was much easier to do it for dinner as there was less clean up and dishes at the end of the night. Plus, I was able to break up the shakes with a meal. And if you know me, you know I love my salads! Their suggestion was a small salad with no croutons, 1 c. of cooked veggies, and 4oz. of protein (meat/cheese). I jumped on the protein shake thing long before the 2 week diet. Because of my inability to be mobile and actually exercise or walk much, I wanted to accelerate the weight loss. So I’d do a shake here and there. Believe me, I think it helped.

Now I find that I am somewhat of the oddball here when it comes to these shakes. A high percentage of these protein powders that you use for the shakes are made with Sucralose, which is Splenda. I found out over a year ago that my body can no longer tolerate sucralose, so I have been avoiding it. It ruins my stomach and I’m pooping water for about 6 hours. I have irritable bowel syndrome, so I had to add Sucralose to the list of things that make me run to the bathroom. It was difficult finding a protein powder or already made shakes that weren’t made with Sucralose. Even the muscle milk tubs had it in them! Fortunately for me, one day I was in Costco and stumbled upon a brand called Orgain. Granted it’s plant proteins, but let me tell you, it sure as hell worked for me. I do believe that Muscle Milk does have already made Organic shakes and those are made with Stevia extract. I compared prices and went with Orgain. The tub was $29.99 for 2.74lbs. Not a bad deal. And last month it was on sale for $24.99. Even better! Now mind you, I am on food stamps and have no income (will go into more detail in future postings), so the only way food stamps cover the powder was if it said Nutritional Facts and not Supplement Facts. I am very fortunate that all of these powders say Nutritional Facts, as most of them are a meal replacement. I also found another brand called Designer Whey. That brand is made with Stevia. Now you also have to be on the lookout for ingredients that end it “itol,” as it may give you gas and diarrhea. In my case, the Orgain only gave me extra gas.

So back to my visit yesterday. Before I stepped on the scale, I tried to seduce it, asking it to be good to me. I stepped on and boom! 348lbs! I went from all the great decades to now the 40’s. While the 80’s were a great decade, being 381 isn’t great at all…. unless you’re 7’9″ tall.

I was super excited. I was down 15.8lbs since my last visit which was Friday, August 7th. I was more than okay with that. What I wasn’t okay with was the fact that my jeans were dropping off of my ass. For a big girl, sadly, I lack junk in the trunk. So by the time I got home, I needed to change into something with an elastic waist, so I raided my old work clothes for black pants. Thankfully I have a ton of them. So until I am able to afford new pants/jeans, I will look like my bottom half is in mourning.

I saw the doctor and he started me on Stage 2 of post surgery eating. I am still able to eat the stuff from Stage 1 (Sugar Free Jell-O, fat free broths, unflavored protein powder, and sugar free unflavored drinks such as Crystal Light). Stage 2 allows skim or 1% milk, unsweetened almond milk, fat free yogurts with no fruit chunks, no sugar added applesauce, sugar substitutes (I go with Great Value Stevia), and Sugar Free pudding. I had a great time last night making the pudding. I added banana extract and unflavored protein powder to the chocolate pudding & strawberry extract to the white chocolate pudding. I stay away from vanilla flavored items. Ever since my first vanilla protein shake, I just can’t enjoy the taste.

I was cleared to drive and start my vitamins. I will do an entire blog post about vitamins. Oh that’s gonna be fun. But for now I will say that in addition to the supplements I already take I have started an Adult Chewable Multivitamin and Calcium Citrate. I crush the Calcium Citrate pills because I was unable to find them in chewable at a reasonable price. Now, don’t get these confused with the Caltrate Chewies that come in that little pouch. I need to inquire further on the difference between the two and why the Dietitian/Surgeon suggest the Citrate and not the Caltrate.

So pretty much that’s what went on yesterday with my one week post surgery follow up appointment. I go back in 2 weeks, but next Tuesday I have an appointment with my Dietitian.

Just a little insight of life one week post gastric bypass surgery!



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