It’s Been A While…*update*

Hello friends, old and new.

I realized tonight while at my weight-loss support group that I haven’t blogged in a WHILE! A whole 2 months. Any particular reason? Nope. I haven’t been crazy busy; I guess it’s my new binge watching habit on Netflix. See? You leave one addiction behind and find another.

I realize it’s not fair to have a fairly decent blog and then just stop. I need to be more pro-active with blogging about my weight-loss journey.

So to catch you up to speed, I am down 81 pounds. I was 381 at my known highest and that was on May 12, 2015. On August 7th, I was 363, so I lost 18 pounds on my own with NO exercise (unless you count sexual activities, lol) and 63 from my surgery until now.

I went for labs last week and my TSH and Thyroid levels are all normal now, but my endocrinologist wants me to say on the medication. I am okay with that. Sure I went off 2 blood pressure meds and 2 insulins, so I am quite alright with being on a pill to keep my thyroid in check. I could feel that I was back in business. My mood was better, and I had more energy.

The other routine labs from my PCP came back pretty good as well. Total cholesterol was 179 (I still take Zocor, 40mg), ldl & hdl were in normal range, and my triglycerides were all good, too.

My A1C (3 month blood sugar test) was 7.4. In August, before surgery it was 7.8. I am not back on any medication or insulin for my Diabetes, as my PCP says that it will only get better!

Liver and kidney functions were good, too. Now the labs that my surgeon’s office sent me for are not back. I don’t see the surgeon until 12/2.

I feel really good, and I do have my appetite back. I don’t really get hungry unless it’s been a long long time since I have eaten something. I think twice in the last few weeks I did get some hunger pangs. I was sick for a good 2½ weeks off and on, so drinking herbal tea helped with the hunger. There’s a Wegman’s that just opened up near me and so far I have purchased talapia twice from them and each time I make it, it’s good enough for 2-3 meals. I found edamame pasta at Costco and between the pasta and the fish, my meal can jump up to 40g of protein! The pasta is really good with pesto.

Edamame Pasta

I am going to try to post some more recipes. Also, I highly recommend doing a search on Facebook for “Rock’s Kitchen.” The group has a good amount of WLS members, there are tons of recipes, and Rocky (the group master) posts weekly food challenges. It makes cooking fun, especially if you weren’t much of a cook before surgery.

Because of the 81 pound weightloss, I have stopped wearing a lot of my clothes. No, I am not going around naked… But I now have 5 prs of jeans to take over to Goodwill. Just tonight the pair that I wore to my support group were falling off of my ass. I had to hold them up while I walked from my car to the group. And right after the group I went to the supermarket and had to do the same thing. By the time I reached the front door at home, I was seconds from looking like porky pig (shirt, no pants). I really don’t have the income to go out and buy anything new, so I am just making do with what I have. Don’t even get me started on needing new bras! Why are the “girls” the first thing to slim down after weight-loss!?!? It’s an unfair, cruel joke! Well, on the plus side, I have a more defined ass, without all of the cushions of fat around me.

My knees haven’t really changed much since I first started to blog. In fact, the right one is really catching up to the left one. The left one is bone on bone and I am now getting the left knee pains in the right one. Trust me, pain is pain, but I know the difference when it’s a new pain in a knee that already has a large lateral meniscus tear and severe arthritis. I know it’s bad when I reach for the Vicodin. *insert sad face*

I will do my best to post updates! I promise. Thank you for reading, and as always thank you for your continued support!


4 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…*update*

  1. I feel you on the cost of new clothes. I hate shopping, then to have to go and spend money because nothing fits is annoying. But on the bright side – it’s nice that it’s all too big instead of too small.
    Cheers to 81lbs lost! That’s fantastic.

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