Tomato, Zucchini, Ground Turkey Recipe.

Now for something totally different — RECIPES!!

Most of these are just on the fly, trying to use foods that I can eat now and foods that I can’t get enough of.

Now these aren’t actual recipes with specific amounts or calorie counts, so adjust as needed.

As I got onto Stage 4 of eating, I was able to eat some veggies, as long as they were fully cooked. I love zucchini and when I saw that on the list, that was one of the first things I went out and purchased. I have to say, I spent 1.99 for one zucchini, but boy was it worth it. For those who have a Trader Joe’s near them, go there! I got 2 huge zucchinis in a package (by the bagged salads) for $1.99.

So one of the first things I made on Stage 4 was a zucchini, tomato, garlic dish. That was Wednesday night. Last night I added some 99% ground turkey into the mix, so I will post the recipe to the dish I made last night.
I am used to copying and pasting recipes, so I’ll wing it here.

1 large zucchini, peeled (at this point you want to avoid any vegetable/fruit skins)
1 cup grape tomatoes, peeled*
3 cloves of garlic, crushed or finely sliced
8 oz. lean ground turkey or chicken (I used 99% fat free ground turkey from Trader Joe’s)
Salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste
Fat Free Ricotta cheese (Optional)
Pam cooking spray
Water for boiling
Large bowl with ice cubes and cold water for tomatoes

Slice zucchini to your preferred size. I cut them up into matchsticks, as they’d cook quicker.

*In the meantime, take your grape tomatoes and make an “X” at the bottom with a very sharp knife. This aids in peeling the tomatoes after they’ve been blanched.
Put a pot of water on the stove and let it come to a boil. Put your tomatoes (after they’ve all been X’d) in and boil for barely a minute. The longer they go, the mushier they will be. As soon as they are done drain them and put them into the large bowl with ice cubes and water. This method is called blanching. I swear it has nothing to do with the Golden Girls.

Once they are in the water, take a tomato and pinch it at the top where the stem would be. Squeeze the tomatoes into a separate bowl, as you don’t want to go fishing around in the ice water for the tomatoes! The tomato should slide right out from under its skin.

Spray the pan with Pam, heat on medium high and let it heat up for a minute or so. Throw in the zucchini, tomatoes (and any juices from the bowl you squeezed the tomatoes into) and seasonings into the pan. Don’t add any garlic yet, as you want to get the veggies cooked a bit and garic can burn fairly quickly which changes the taste & make it bitter.

Once the zucchini has softened and the tomatoes have gotten a bit mushy, add the garlic. Keep cooking until everything smells fragrant and your family members start to comment on how great the house smells. If things look too dry, you can always add water. Once you are in advanced stages of eating you can always add red wine vinegar for extra zing.

I usually cook this for about 20 minutes, just so I know that the zucchini is cooked as far as it can be cooked. Being in Stage 4, I want to be as careful as I can be.

When I make this with the ground turkey, I brown and finely chop the ground turkey in another pan (using Pam cooking spray), and added it at the end once it was fully cooked.

I portion off what I am needed to eat and mix with a teaspoon of fat free ricotta cheese. Depending on where you are at in your eating, I am sure you can add mozzarella or other cheeses, or no cheeses at all. And I plan on adding crushed red pepper flakes to this recipe, as I love some heat in my food!

I hope I made this an easy recipe to understand and make. Please let me know if you make this and comment below. Please ask any questions, too!


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