Post Op Visit with my PCP.

Today I saw my PCP. I love this guy. He is super awesome. When I moved to this area in November of 2013, I was still seeing my PCP back home and it was close to an hour and a half (give or take) to get to his office. I bit the bullet and looked for a new doctor out here.

The first thing this new doctor says to me as soon as she sees me is,”You’re a perfect candidate for weight-loss surgery.” I was fine with that. I knew my Diabetes was out of control, as I was on two types of insulin. I was also on 3 blood pressure meds. I was on a cholesterol medication, and Celebrex for my knee pain. I wasn’t blind to my issues. I just let them all get out of control. She adjusted one of my meds, and took me off of a sliding scale with one of the insulins. She even upped my blood pressure meds, which later I found out, was a medication that raises blood sugar!! As time went on, I just didn’t feel that we were a good fit.

I found another doctor, a male who is super young, and I was hoping for the best. Boy did I luck out. My first visit with him, he sat down with me, talked to me, and I was there for about an hour. I felt the fit immediately. He didn’t jump right in with getting me started with the weight-loss surgery. He wanted to rule out Cushings Disease and other things that could be the underlying cause of my weight problem. Everything came back negative and he gave me the okay to pursue the weight-loss surgery.

Today I saw him and he ended up taking me off of yet another blood pressure medication!! I was no longer taking HCTZ after surgery, but I was still taking Lisinopril and Verapamil. I noticed, though, these last few days my ankles have been a little swollen, but I thought that might have been due to the humid weather and my period. He said that it was more than likely the verapamil doing that. With the HCTZ and the Verapamil working together, I had no swelling, so it totally made sense that the verapamil without the HCTZ would cause some swelling. So I was very happy to be down to only one blood pressure med! I think the last time I was on just one blood pressure med was back in high school, nearly 19 yrs ago!

When I get weighed at his office, it’s always more than the scale at my surgeons office. I was 338 today, which is 2 pounds down from Friday’s visit at the surgeon’s office, so I will wait until the 17th to get a more accurate weight.

He was very pleased with my progress and we talked at length about people who take responsibility and accountability for their health. I decided when I started this journey that I would do that. I know for a fact that I am to blame for what got me to 381 pounds. I know others who should be on insulin and other meds who refuse to take them or listen to doctors orders. There’s a person out there who keeps having foot surgery, and with each foot surgery, more of his foot is being removed. This is someone who does NOT take responsibility or accountability for their health. They expect others to do it for them. That’s not me. This is the best thing to have ever happen to me. Granted, my doctor is still convinced that I have an underlying condition that attributes to my weight issue. I do have PCOS and anyone that knows about PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), knows that your weight is a big issue. He is still convinced that my cortisol levels run high. I did have them checked by urinating in a jug for 24 hrs and they came back normal. But the important thing here is that I have taken the steps to better my life, get healthy, and focus on the one important thing in my life — ME!

Before my visit, I had yet another NSV (Non Scale Victory). I had no idea what to wear (I tend to live in my Phillies t-shirts) and a few months ago I found a cute shirt that I haven’t worn since 2011. I put it on and IT FELT GREAT! It was even a little roomy in some spots… and I noticed that my girls weren’t as pronounced in this shirt the way they used to be. I guess I’ll need smaller cup sizes at some point 😦

My weight is going down and my blood pressure is getting back to normal. Tonight, as I was filling my pill box for the week I had noticed that the majority of its contents are vitamins and supplements, NOT medications!!! And the 2 medications that I am taking are because of the surgery. I need to take Prilosec to prevent ulcers. I am also taking Ursodiol for my gallbladder. So those two are additions! Now if only my one month can come along and I can stop crusing all of my medications and vitamins!!


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